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Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

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Jun 4, 2021

We need boundaries to experience healthy loving relationships.  Yet so many of us did not grow up in families that exhibited healthy boundaries.  In fact, we may have experienced quite the opposite and not even understand what a boundary is.  If your relationship is facing crisis, while the complexities are unique, you will almost always find an absence or breakdown of boundaries at the root of the problem.

When we practice healthy boundaries we are not attempting to control anyone else. Rather we are setting healthy parameters for what is acceptable behavior for those we are in relationship with. If we are in a relationship that does not feel good and as a result we feel hurt, angry, insecure, disempowered, we need to own our feelings and choices. If we blame the person we are in relationship with and need them to change in order for us to feel better, we have given over our power.  We then see ourselves imprisoned by their actions as if we don’t have the key to become free of the situation.

Someone does not make me feel or act a certain way.  I must first own my feelings and actions before I can find my way to resolving the problem.

Listen in today and learn how to create and honor boundaries. 


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