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Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

Journey Beyond Divorce is the leading on-line or in-person source for the best divorce coaches to assist you through your difficult transition. These podcasts by Karen McMahon and her team are designed to help you better understand the process. For more information, visit:

Divorce Roadmap: Women How to Dress and Step Out in Style

Mar 28, 2022

Your new life chapter provides an opportunity to reinvent yourself from the inside out.  You have stepped off the ‘battlefield of divorce’ and now is your time!  A time to refresh, renew and decide how you want to present yourself to the world.  It helps to understand what looks best on your body type and how to go...

Mar 21, 2022

Once your divorce is final, you are so relieved for it to finally be over, that it is easy to miss the crucial steps that can only be taken after your divorce is final.  This vital step allows you to secure and protect what you received in the settlement and sets you up for financial stability post divorce. 


Mar 18, 2022

As we begin to explore dating, today’s guest shares the vital importance of being authentic and what keeps us from doing so.  Not surprising, there is a lot going on in our subconscious that can derail effort to enjoy dating and find healthy partners.  Love Coach Junie Moon shares the ‘shadow work’ she does with...

Mar 16, 2022

Cheryl was married for almost 3 decades when one day her husband handed her divorce papers, stripped her of all finances and left without explanation. She was so traumatized that she ended up in the hospital. That was two years ago.


Today, Cheryl shares that she is the happiest she has ever been and the journey to get...

Mar 14, 2022

Imagine feeling homeless in your home. That is how so many divorcees feel after their ex spouse has moved out of the home. Today we are speaking to the ones who are left feeling disconnected with their home. 

Today’s guest, Jodi Topitz, founder of We2Me guides us in transforming your home from married to single, and...