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Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

Journey Beyond Divorce is the leading on-line or in-person source for the best divorce coaches to assist you through your difficult transition. These podcasts by Karen McMahon and her team are designed to help you better understand the process. For more information, visit:

Jan 7, 2022

Welcome back to Life After Divorce.  In today’s episode, Improve Your Mindset, Mood and  Movement with Healthy Nutrition,  we dive into the connection between what we eat and how we feel.  Our tendency to go for ‘comfort foods’ when stress is high and time is short undercuts our desire to have  clarity of mind, control over our emotional reactions and the energy to navigate our post divorce life.  Eating healthy for many seems like a great idea but the time and effort to do so makes it unattainable.  

Today’s guest shares his journey from the pain of poor eating habits to his now vibrant healthy life, rooted in healthy nutrition.  Listen in as Scott shares the immense value in healthy nutrition while debunking the belief that healthy eating is too time consuming for our busy schedules.


Scott Harvell is a Nutrition and Health Coach at Health by Design. Through nutrition, he has been able to conquer severe depression with suicidal thoughts and eliminate all chemical medications. Today he boasts  an immune system that’s powerful enough to beat any illness within days and is more energized and productive than ever. Scott shares his passion for helping others discover how they too can live their optimal life through nutrition and personal care.


Scott and his wife, Dr. Kristy Harvell have an eBook called "How to Maximize Your Health Potential" and online 12-week nutrition program called 90/10 Lifestyle.

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