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Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

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Oct 22, 2021

As we continue talking about healthy living, today’s episode is How Yoga and Meditation Can Help You Heal.  We’re joined by, Shawn Bradford, a mother of 3 who suffered from insomnia through her divorce and was grateful to find yoga nidra, an ancient sleep technology that helped her learn to sleep and heal from divorce trauma.


Shawn shares the practice  of Yoga Nidra and the powerful impact it offers to overcome sleepless nights and infuse your day with self love, mindfulness and refreshed energy.  Shawn also shares the range of yoga practices, how they are different and the best way to start to build a routine of yoga and mediation in your life.


She is also a Corporate Yoga and Meditation teacher and Shawn loves sharing practical yoga nidra tips with others going through similar hardship. You can find out more about Shawn and her work at breathe&


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