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Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

Journey Beyond Divorce is the leading on-line or in-person source for the best divorce coaches to assist you through your difficult transition. These podcasts by Karen McMahon and her team are designed to help you better understand the process. For more information, visit:

Dec 17, 2021

It's easy to judge when we are in the stress of divorce. You may be still harboring hurt and anger from your spouse's betrayal, or other "bad" behavior, that makes it seem like you are justified in your judgment. The problem with judgment is that it keeps you in a reactive state of mind where you are simply unable to do your best thinking. And, it just doesn't work.


Imagine you are driving down the highway and you are committed to arriving at your destination as smoothly and easily as possible. Judgment is like driving on the shoulder. It's rough, there are obstacles that slow you down. Forgiveness is the fast lane, but you don't know how you can get over there right now. The middle lanes are wide open. They will get you where you are going! Curiosity is the middle lanes.


In this podcast, Carrie and Karen explore the benefits of adopting a curious mindset when dealing with the problems of your divorce. You'll learn how to STOP when you notice you are stuck in judgment and SHIFT to an open-minded approach of inquiry instead.


We will give you practical tips to help you replace judgment with curiosity to free you from the negative cycle of judging and blaming and move you into clear solution-oriented thinking.



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