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Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

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Nov 13, 2020

Today we speak with a guest who explains that Parallel Parenting IS Co-parenting, it is simply a more effective approach to high conflict co-parenting.  The refreshing tone of this conversation acknowledges how unreasonable it is to expect to be able to follow the amicable co-parenting rules when your parenting partner is ‘disordered’ and has proven incapable of any form of collaboration or joint decision making.


Brook Olsen share brilliant strategies to not only successfully, but joyfully parent your children regardless of your co-parent’s behavior.  Tune in as he shares the importance of self regulating your nervous system and ultimately how to help your children do the same, how less communication or more valuable, the power of No and the vital importance of learning how to set and uphold boundaries.


This conversation is chuck full of sage advice, helpful information and essential strategies.  Below you can find out more about Brook Olsen, his podcast, online parent classes and more.

Brook D. Olsen contact info:
Founder/Director: High Conflict Diversion Program
Phone: 760-751-4398
The High Conflict Coparenting Podcast