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Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

Journey Beyond Divorce is the leading on-line or in-person source for the best divorce coaches to assist you through your difficult transition. These podcasts by Karen McMahon and her team are designed to help you better understand the process. For more information, visit:

Apr 20, 2020

Entering the legal process of any divorce feels frightening and overwhelming.  For those entering high conflict divorce, the fear and confusion is escalated due to years of living in a dysfunctional marriage and the complexities involved when divorcing a high conflict personality.  

There is often a greater need to be in the court system due to the power imbalance in the relationship, the lack of transparency of one spouse, and the intimidation and bullying that repeatedly derails negotiations.  For the high conflict divorce, it can be enormously valuable to take advantage of the court’s ability to control the pace of the legal process, require a net worth statement and other financial documentation and include additional experts to help with custody and spousal support and asset distribution.

Today’s episode is filled with vital information on how to hire the right attorney, what to expect throughout the process,  the do’s and don’ts of communicating with your high conflict spouse and the vital importance of setting realistic expectations around custody and finances. Information is power, today’s show will empower you to navigate your divorce with greater clarity and confidence.

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